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Dasho on 6 Oct 3 KB Update

Dashed Code

Hello. This is Dashed Code. Many people on the few chats I visit here on darknet, have requested a Git-Repository Onion Service. So I quickly got one up and running. You're welcome :)


I looked at a few possibilities like GitLab and Gittea before finally choosing GitBucket. I've used GitBucket before and I know that it's simple, reliable, and safe. I did not use the embeded database but instead an external one, and have made some modifications to encrypt the data. It's the best I could do with my limited time and expertise. Just roll with me on this.


Although the features should just jump out at you anyway, the list includes:

  • Public and Private repositories
  • Issue tracking
  • Project boards
  • Wikis
  • Static website serving (like the Github Pages thing)
  • Snippets Needless to say that for tor, this should have everything you need. If you require something more hardcore... tough.

The Onionz Project

What is TOP?

TOP is a web-project designed to make the web more accessible to everyone, while respecting their privacy and financial restrictions. Every thing that TOP provides is FREE and allows for complete anonymity, although you do need to smart about that yourself. TOP can be self-hosted for added privacy, and it's package gets larger every day. (Or week, or month).


  • Complete anonymity (when used right)
  • Tor Friendly
  • Self-hostable
  • Open-source
  • 100% Free
  • All are easy to install and setup
  • Strong Support Community

Can I get support with setting up?

Yes you can! There is never any problem when it comes to supporting you guys. We are always happy to help. Most of it should be easy enough to install and configure, but of course some of it can be hard. To get support - go to the hub, sign up, and open a new discussion. Someone will happily help you out. You can also email your query to [email protected].

Maybe Some Useful Software:

Here are some of the services that I recommend. Always stick to the licence each project holds...